About Us

Bago News has started a journey in search of the hidden news, our main objective is to bring the news which is not usually exposed to the people.

 such as

  •  One of our goals is to highlight the stories of freelancers who work around the world based on different skills.
  • There are many successful Bangladeshi YouTubers due to which new YouTubers are constantly being created, but we want to present the story of those YouTubers who have provided inspiration here.
  • Over time, Facebook creator stories are not very few. We want to work with their stories and want to know about them constantly.
  • Every person has a story of success and failure. We aim to present those stories to everyone.
  • We want to speak to people from people's side what people want to say.
  • We want to know all the success stories of our many expatriates spread all over the world.

Also, one of our goals is to catch all the news happening all over the world including Bangladesh in a quick time, international news, economy news, country news, sports news, entertainment news and other news.

Thank you very much for being with us

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